We truly love the community we serve

     We have lived and worked in the Brookings-Harbor area for nearly a dozen years now. We have been members of the Brookings-Harbor Wild Rivers Coast Chamber of Commerce for nearly as long. It is important to us to promote small, independent business and to always shop locally when we can! We love the personal feel of living in a small community where you really get to know everyone in a more familiar way. 

    We started this business with the idea of providing a full-service that is more personal.  Unlike the big box stores that hope to have employees that might be able to help, or might have the right answer, or might be able to repair a product sold through that outlet; we know we can find the right answers or solutions to your needs. We tell people, "We sell it, we install it and we service what we sell".  Pretty simple, just the way we would like for ourselves.

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